• Michal Šinka

Why Remote Guitar Tracking Is Not a Marketplace

Today, I'd like to explain one of the major benefits of recording with us at Remote Guitar Tracking. As counterintuitive as it may seem, it lies in the fact that we are not a marketplace.

Online Marketplace

Remote recording definitely saves time and money. (If you don't understand why and how, read one of my previous posts where I go deep down that rabbit hole.) However, you still need to do your research when choosing your session musician to make sure that:

  • a) the musician is skilled enough with the instrument and genre that you need

  • b) the musician is reliable and trustworthy and they won't be just wasting your time (and money)

Platforms for Online Session Musicians

Websites such as SoundBetter, Airgigs, Fiverr, and others, are great because they provide a platform for hundreds of experienced musicians to be found by clients who might need their craft. In fact, they are online marketplaces for session musicians. You can browse them by instrument, listen to portfolios, and read reviews by past clients. I have used some of these myself when I needed vocalists for my library cues and have been happy about the result.

However, there is one problem. YOU NEED TO DO YOUR RESEARCH. Like, spend time with it. Maybe a lot of it. That might not be ideal if you are, say, a media composer on a tight deadline.

At Remote Guitar Tracking, we approach the entire thing differently.

Guitars in a remote recording studio

Our Approach

If your instrument of need is guitar, you may save quite a bit of time with RGT. Why? Because we are not a marketplace, we are a remote recording service. You don't choose your guitarist, we choose them for you. You don't have to browse through dozens of guitarist profiles, portfolios, bios and photos. Only a simple website with a simple contact form.

It's easy! Just tell us as much as possible about your vision for the guitar tracks and upload your track(s). Feel free to use my previous post as a checklist for all the information to provide us in your first message. That way, we can quickly choose the right player for you.

There you have it - instead of spending time googling, listening to portfolios, and reading reviews on dozens of guitar players, you just upload your track with a description. Which, by the way, you would have to do everywhere else anyway. ;-)

If you're asking how you would know if you actually like our work, that's where the whole free custom sample thingy comes into play. But that is a topic for another time.

Remote Guitar Tracking

I hope that this short article helped you understand how you can save time and energy by trusting us with your guitar tracks. If so, please consider sharing it with your friends and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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