Who is it for?

Media composers, songwriters, film composers, producers, and anybody who may need a session guitarist at hand at any time.

What styles of music can you record guitars for?

We have professional guitarists on the team, each of which specialize in different styles. That means we are very flexible with what we can record for you.

What type of guitars can you record?

As a standard, we record electric, acoustic and nylon-string guitars (including classical guitar). We can also record bass guitars and various types of non-standard instruments, such as oud or a 10-string guitar. If you need to record something special not listed here, just send us a message. We will most likely be able to facilitate the recording for you.

What will you need from me?

So that we can record your tracks quickly and efficiently, we will need a description of your desired result, your track to record to, and your required session details (sample rate, bit depth, output format, etc.). Ideally, you will also provide us a reference track and a chord chart.

How much does a remote recording session cost?

The price of the session varies project by project. It depends on many factors, such as the required turnover time, length and complexity of the track, style of music, number of overdubs, etc. You will get your quote along with your free sample.

Will I get a free sample for every project of mine?

Free 15-second samples are provided once for every new customer. The track that you need to record guitars for must be at least 45 seconds, in order to qualify for the free 15-second sample. If your entire track is shorter than 45 seconds (say, music for a short TV spot), we will discuss the nature of your free sample individually.

How many revisions are included in the price of the recording?

The quote that you will receive from us includes one free revision. Additional revision requests are subject to payment.

Do I have to pay before I hear the final result?

No, we will send you the final result as a streamable master stereo track in order to get your approval. However, we will send you the individual guitar tracks only after your payment has been received.

How can I pay?

Payment takes place over PayPal. If you have a bank account in CHF or EUR, we can also accept a direct transfer.

What guitar gear do you have available?

We are all professional studio guitarists and we use top-of-the-line instruments and recording gear. Just let us know what sound you are after and we'll definitely find a way to get you there. :-)

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